Hi, I am Seedy-Threepio. You can call me Seedy or Threepio if you wish; you can, of course, use the full name as well 🙂

I am currently studying Computer Science at college. I have always been very much into computers and technology ever since I was a small child. I love the Windows operating system which is no surprise considering I’ve basically been using it my whole life. I like to code in HTML, Batch (MS-DOS script) and Python. I’ve also recently been messing around with Linux and MacOS (OS X).

I was born completely blind. I have no sight what-so-ever, not even light perception. Therefore, I see the world through sound, smell and touch. I’ve always been fascinated by sound, hence why I also love audio editing. I specialise in pitch shifting, speed shifting, looping audio to create a glitch/crash effect, reverb effects and more.

Why Seedy-Threepio?

A short while ago, some classmates of mine were having a conversation about Star Wars droids. Off the heels of this conversation, I decided to take one of those online personality quizzes to find out which droid I was.

After completing the quiz in about a minute, the results came back and it turned out that I was C-3PO (See-Threepio). I settled on this, as I thought it suited me well. I’m logical, I’m intelligent, and I’m always finding ways to rebuild whenever something blows me to pieces. Then, I thought to myself: “What can I do with my existing name to make it more 3PO?” Then, it hit me. Seedy, + See-Threepio, = Seedy-Threepio!

Seedy, of course, is a shortening of my old Fireseed handle from 2019/2020.

How to contact me

You can contact me in the following ways.